Beyonce Slammed By Pieter Hugo, Fails To Hook Up ‘Hyena Men’

Beyonce’s “Run The World” clip goes hard on the homeland swagger, from her pantsula-inspired wiggle to the fiesty CGI canines on chains. Pieter Hugo, the photographer whose images of Nigeria’s intrepid “Hyena Men” has been regarded as the basis for the scene in which B strikes a Wonder Woman pose while wrangling some snarling beasts, told the New Yorker  he’s less than pleased with Yonce’s visual homage.

From the New Yorker:

“It isn’t the first time someone has used my images for a music promo,” Hugo told me when I asked him about Beyoncé’s video. “Nick Cave’s Grinderman project used much more than stylistic reference for his ‘Heathen Child’ video. I can count at least a dozen direct visual copies from my ‘Nollywood’ series in the video. I am a huge fan of Nick Cave, so in that instance it’s flattering. I don’t particularly like the Beyoncé song. It all seems so derivative—the music, the imagery… I’m sure the Hyena Men are wondering if they’re going to get paid!”

Beyonce’s latest album, 4, drops June 28. Pieter Hugo’s latest book, Permanent Error, is available now.


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