Shala in Africa – Fashion Rock Star Voyages To Africa

Fashion head-turner Shala Monroque recently announced that she is heading to Africa for the first time, but she also wonders aloud if Morocco is for real a part of the continent. In her words:

My first trip to Africa!!! People say Morocco doesn’t count (your thoughts please)

Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing the beauty of Nature, and I don’t mean just the stretch of a giraffe’s neck but also looking for the beauty of a kill, of a lion on the hunt of a hippo taking a bath, ect.

Check out all of her non-Moroccan-related musings here.


2 responses

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your post, and link to it. I wanted to say that I no longer work for Pop Magazine.

    Also I have been to Morroco and Marrakesh is probably my favorite city in the world. To me this is also Africa but somehow some people don’t think this counts.

    This time I’m going to countries in the south of Africa rather than north so I was just curious what readers thought.

  2. Hi Shala!

    Thanks for responding to the post and the clarification. I saw that you had some posts on Pop so I thought you were still there. Either way. I changed the title to reflect that.

    Also, the tone of the post was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek but I understand if it didn’t come off that way.

    Since this blog is all about style from and of interest to the diaspora, I’m sure the readers wanted to know that Ms. Monroque will be on the continent soon.

    Enjoy your trip, we’re looking forward to seeing pictures!

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