To Print or Not To Print – Shadders Asks Timeless Textile Question

Photo: Sika Designs

Shadders recently posted an editorial about whether African designers should create their own prints or just source from homeland sources. They point to the similarities between the textiles used by two different designers, Out of Afrika and Sika Designs. Here’s what Shadders said:

I know there are some classic African prints pattern fabrics that has been worn for many years and continues to be reproduced, Should designers print their own fabric to make their brand unique or stick to reproducing old patterns?

Sure, many designers could create their own singular prints but then would it be like how it was in the ’90s when “tribal” tattoos were the business and everyone started “designing” their own ancient Polynesian-inspired ink? It is a question of creativity or authenticity?

Check out Shadders’ full post here.


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