Acne Resort 2012 – Sunny Colors, Subtle Textures

Photo: Acne

 Acne’s 2012 Resort collection doesn’t play around when it comes to bright colors. Design Scene said:

The colour pallette explored a variety of pastel tones, with addition of black to the various shades of orange, pieces are often combined with denim classics and materials.

Creative Director Jonny Johanssen told Vogue:

“I’m always trying to propose something new to the downtown girl,” he said backstage before the show. “And for us, throwing two opposing ideas together keeps things fresh.”

Johanssen told NBC New York:

“Every season I take a different approach. I had this Mulholland Drive theme laying around. It’s not about that, but I started with the feeling of that, which also influenced the show’s set…I focused on couture fabrics such as taffeta, brocades, silk. But don’t get me wrong, I am not doing couture, so I paired them with denim and cotton. I like to combine things that don’t normally belong together. I think that creates something really interesting.”


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