Brazilian Fashion Industry Pushes For More Black Models

Brazilian model Indira Carvahlo

Although the country is known for exporting blonde Amazons like Gisele Bundchen, fashion insiders are looking to diversify Brazil’s model population. New York magazine digs into the issue:

After a public prosecutor in São Paulo found that only 28 of the 1,128 models booked for São Paulo fashion week in 2008 were black, fashion week organizers voluntarily launched a two-year quota that 10 percent of the models had to be black. However, many Brazilians are now calling for the quota to be raised to 20 percent. Protest organizer Frei Davi Santos explains: “São Paulo fashion week sells the image of a Swiss Brazil where everyone is white and blue-eyed. The organisers … forget that more than half of Brazil’s population is black.”

Check out the full article here. In related news, CNN reports that former minorites are now the majority in Brazil, in part because more of the racially dynamic citizenry are identifying as black.


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