Edward Enninful On The Industry

Newly installed W magazine  bigwig Edward Enninful talked to the Huffington Post about his years as an industry insider and the current crop of movers and shakers of color. In his words:

HM: How about being black in a predominantly white industry? How do you think things have changed over the past few years, either for models or designers or editors who are black? And are they changing for the better?

EE: You know, I look around the industry, there’s still very few black people. The American fashion industry really has had to reassess its approach to fashion, particularly because Obama came into office. You know, for one of the most influential women [First Lady Michelle Obama] in the country to be black. I know that meant a great deal to a lot of black people in the fashion industry. And also now we have Twitter, we have the internet, and I’ve seen so many young black people who are involved in fashion. They’re making their own clothes, they’re styling, they’re taking photographs, and I guess the future generation to come, they’re all racing to become one global fashion industry. That’s what I hope, anyway.

HM: Do you think any one part of the industry is to blame?

EE: I feel that it’s all about education. The best photographers know how to light any color skin. If you’re good at styling, it’s like the first time, you know how to dress any body shape. I think if you’re really good at what you do, you can see outside the box… It depends on the level of vision a person has.

Read the full interview here.


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