Gregory Parkinson Resort 2012 – For The Beach and Beyond

Photo: Gregory Parkinson

Gregory Parkinson’s latest resort collection just hit the interwebs. Lots of beachy, breezy colors and textures. Vogue says:

What he has done is take a somewhat reductive approach to his love of piling it on. He has streamlined his look down to a trompe l’oeil folded neckline (“it saves the need for a necklace”), made everything leaner (the very pretty dresses in richly patterned silk georgette, for instance), saved the layering for caftans to wear over his first-ever swimsuits (they launched with resort), and added in pieces like a silk twill bias-cut pajama pant in a subtle tie-dye, or a top that is actually as unfussy as a tee to wear, but because of his appliqué folds and frills, looks much more elaborate.

The4AcesDate says:

I noticed that a lot of resort collections are sporting the Hawaiian print trend and although Gregory doesn’t have that fabric present in this collection, these pieces still look very exotic and Hawaii vacation worthy. says:

…Blending in isn’t really Parkinson’s thing. Case in point: the gorgeous caftan patchworked together from printed silk twill, tie-dye stripes, and more of that camo fabric. You won’t want to save it for the beach.


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