Charlene Wittstock Talks Wedding In Vogue

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier

South African swimmer turned future Monaco royalty Charlene Wittstock chopped it with up Vogue about reconciling her background with the life as the ladyfriend of Prince Albert:

At the best of times, her future husband’s tiny, ancient, and exceptionally moneyed principality is not an easy place to find your comfort zone. Though few palace pundits predicted the relationship would amount to anything, Albert had silenced skeptics by insisting Charlene decamp there. It was a testing time. Lacking any official status and unable to speak French, Charlene lived alone in a small apartment with few friends to support her; she was thousands of miles from home, and her vivacious South African wit and no-nonsense attitude were lost in translation among the notoriously frosty Monaco beau monde. “It was sometimes overwhelming,” she recalls of the solitude and jealousies she suffered as Prince Albert’s girlfriend. “I was trying too hard to please too many people and at times was at risk of losing my sense of myself.”

Full interview is here.


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