Azzedine Alaia On Lagerfeld, Galliano, Wintour


Azzedine Alaia opened up to Virgine magazine about everything from Galliano’s Dior debacle to Anna Wintour’s approach to Vogue. He also opens up about his beginnings as a designer and his first show. In his words:

We didn’t use any music that time. The girls were parading in the lounge: Iman, Jerry Hall, all the important ones were parading during five days. One day, we did a show in the Belles-Chasses street in Paris. Japanese people were willing to film, but these fashion shows were only for our clients. That’s why we did this show outside. We taped it while children were running out of school to see the girls from the show. It’s a beautiful movie. I had the models parade with crocodile skin jackets. I had seen crocodile skin drying in a warehouse, and they were as big as this table! And I thought that it was just impossible! I was told that they were made to cover furniture or carpets. I really wanted to use them for clothes, so we softened them by scratching them. It was like velvet. I did some unlined jackets with that skin. I still have them. So the girls marched in the streets of Belles-Chasses with it.

Check out the full interview here



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