Nyasha Matonhodze Speaks To i-D Magazine

Photo: Nyasha Matonhodze for Topshop

Runway It girl Nyasha Matonhodze speaks to i-D magazine about her meteoric rise to the top of the fashion world, her childhood in Zimbabwe and comparisons to Naomi Campbell.

From iD:

[iD]When did you start feeling it kicking-off?

 [NM] I woke up the morning after walking Louis Vuitton and had a hundred and fifty friend requests on Facebook. People saying, “Well done on the show” and “Thanks for representing Africa” and stuff like that. There was a picture of me in The Daily Telegraph. It was crazy.

Did it feel like a dream? When I first started, I didn’t really know what to expect, because it’s generally hard for black girls to get into the industry. I started booking shows, but it wasn’t really until Louis Vuitton – which is such a big household brand that everybody knows – that I thought, “I can do it. It’s not impossible.”

Check out the full interview here.



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