Kudishnyao Exhibition At Rush Arts Gallery

Just A Band’s video-art exhibition is heading to NYC’s Rush Arts Gallery, and fans can check it out this week.

The gallery says:

Combining infectious music, offbeat visuals and social commentary, KUDISHNYAO! is a 6-channel video installation. i. Each channel is an individual narrative that interacts and shares a single soundtrack, telling stories of fate, love, deceit and escape, with a cast of “terrorists, dancers, victims, survivors and lovers.” The piece was also recently exhibited at the Goethe Institut in Nairobi

KUDISHNYAO! (pronounced COO-DISH-NY-OW), shouted by children on Kenyan playgrounds for years, derives from an onomatopoeia of a bullet ricocheting. The projection setup allows the audience to experience the piece spatially, musically, and visually. In “Away” for example, we see simultaneous responses to a bomb going off in Nairobi. Another piece – “Can I Be Forgiven?” – highlights 13 people speaking freely about the taboo subjects they keep bottled up inside.

Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu will moderate a talk at the end of the month, and the band will perform at various venues around the city. Spotted at OkayAfrica.


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