Are The Interwebs Screwing Up Street Style?

Is the Golden Age of Street Style on the wane? Photo: Emma Arnold for Refinery29

 Or, as The New York Times eloquently puts it in the its latest “Room for Debate” feature, “Has Globalization Ruined Street Style?” The answer is a resounding … maybe?

GQs Will Welch says:

…Street style has become so popular that “real people” are now dressing for the cameras, vying to get photographed. It has become a self-aware rather than accidental culture, like reality television. The more outrageously you dress, the more likely it is you get snapped and posted online. That’s created some unfortunate style trends and an environment where the blogs are as contrived as the runways.

I Like My Style’s Adriano Sock toys with the economic and class bit of things:

The idea that globalization might hurt street style is the fear of a saturated elite. We’d love to arrive in Mumbai, Nairobi and São Paulo and see people in their own “authentic” wardrobe, while we ourselves have access to any information and style we crave. Of course, it’s a shame to travel the world and find the same brands in every city, but who’s to judge other people’s desires? Who is to keep global companies from making money in new markets? It’s all part of the game that we have learned not to question anymore.

And Paper‘s Kim Hastreiter just likes her some hip-hop:

Huge gold Mercedes-Benz logos were worn as pendants on thick gold chains dangling on top of a Harvard University sweatshirt with a super preppy L.L. Bean-style puffy down vest thrown over it, accessorized with studious horn rimmed glasses (with no glass in them) and white Adidas sneakers laced loosely with extremely exaggerated thick laces. Other kids would wear sweat suits, fishing jackets, sneakers and baseball caps plastered all over with Gucci or Louis Vuitton logos finished off with medallions of big gold dollar signs. It was genius.

Check out the whole debate here.


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