Thakoon Maasai Scarves Will Benefit East African Famine Victims

Photo: Thakoon

Like other designers, Thakoon is taking some sartorial cues from the Maasai people, only this line’s take on the impactful check is set to benefit the thousands of famine-stricken people in East Africa.

Thread NY interviewed designer Thakoon Panichgul about donating 100% proceeds from the two-toned accessory to UNICEF help the dire situation in the horn of Africa:

How did the concept for a scarf benefiting the Horn of Africa come about?I was watching Anderson Cooper on CNN, who seemed to be the only person covering this humanitarian crisis.

Can you explain in your own words the nature of the crisis in the Horn of Africa?  It’s one of the worst droughts to hit the area and is causing famine. As a result, people are dying by the thousands. 30,000 children under the age of 4 died in three months alone, and many more are predicted to die as the drought continues for a couple more months. This crisis is absolutely preventable.

If you were ever going to blow hundreds of dollars on a scarf and not feel guilty, this would be the time. But you can also give directly to UNICEF here.


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