Brooklyn Museum’s African Innovations

Brooklyn Museum recently rearranged its African art collection and two snap-in-a-circle fierce fellas behind the project broke the museum’s new approach.



Carrie Mae Weems Talks Drinking With Nina Simone, Toni Morrison


Carrie Mae Weems "From Here I Saw What Happened"

Artist Carrie Mae Weems once spent a night in Paris toasting with Toni Morrison and knocking back dranks with Nina Simone. She spoke to Life + Times about her singular evening:

We walk into the Embassy and across this palatial room there was Toni Morrison sitting alone. When she saw these sisters dressed to the nines, she waved us over. I couldn’t believe the esteemed Toni Morrison was sitting alone at a gathering meant to honor her! I grabbed a waiter and ordered a bottle of champagne and within three minutes Mary Lovelace is in her lap.

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Jacobus Snyman – Photog With Big Dreams

Photo: Jacobus Snyman

South African photographer Jacobus Snyman used his pictures as a means of escape from small-town life. Speaking to ThreadNY, the photog talks about his plans to make his big-city mark:

 “They say dream big. And my dream is to shoot for Vogue before I’m 30.”

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Masauko Chipembere MoMA Closing Party

MoMA’s exhibition “Impressions from South Africa: 1965 to Now” is closing on Thursday, and the museum is sending the show out in style with party Thursday night at 5:30 p.m. From the museum:

MoMA Nights with Masauko Chipembere

The 2011 series takes an international focus, featuring adventurous musical performers from Africa, South America, China, Indonesia, and beyond. The musicians build on specific national and popular musical traditions—uniting them in inventive hybrid styles, bringing new instruments into standard ensembles, and enlivening the music with distinctive personal approaches.
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