Samantha McEwen’s voodoo-inspired collection

Photo from Samantha McEwen
After traveling through the Caribbean and studying communities in western and southern Africa, designer Samantha McEwen’s debut line takes style cues from the myriad voodoo culture around the world. McEwen told VICE about the inspiration behind her line:
VICE: So you were influenced by West African voodoo as well as Cuban?
McEwen: I started by looking at Santería, and that led to Haitian and African voodoo. I’m desperate to take a trip to Haiti and see it for myself, because 70 percent of people living in Haiti and West Africa consider voodoo their main religion, so I wanted to look at voodoo as something important in modern life. Also, instead of the stereotypes propagated by horror films and the media, I wanted the collection to capture the brighter side of voodoo. I took a lot of inspiration from Phyllis Gallembo’s photographs of different tribes—especially her portraits of sacrificial outfits and high priests and priestesses of the voodoo community.

VOODOO_ SAMANTHA MCEWEN from emma noble on Vimeo.

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Zoe Kravitz Graces Elle South Africa September 2011

“X-Men” star and Elevator Fight frontwoman Zoe Kravitz is three times an ingenue on the cover of Elle South Africa.

Spotted at The Fashion Bomb.


Shala Monroque Covers New York Magazine

Socialite and fashion muse Shala Monroque scored one of New York Magazine’s Fall Fashion 2011 covers, alongside Isabella Rossellini and Elettra Wiedemann, Andrej Prejic and China Machado. Speaking about her Caribbean background, the newly minted style icon says:

She’s a shy woman, slightly formal and sphinx-like. She abhors talking about her life, unspooling stories reluctantly. Monroque was brought up near the beach in St. Lucia, where her family still lives, and didn’t leave the island ­until after she graduated from high school. “I always knew as a kid that I wanted to live in America,” she says, choosing her words carefully. “We always got all of the American TV shows late, and I grew up watching Leave It to ­Beaver and other shows from the fifties. Life here just seemed better, and freer. I couldn’t believe that on TV, kids would just open the fridge, pull out a box of orange juice, and drink from it.”

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Ikamva Live Launches


Dazed and Confused and Live magazine in the UK have partnered up to create Ikamva Live, a mini-magazine that features the experiences of young people in South African townships. According to Dazed Digital:

Ikamva Live, the one-off mini-magazine we’re distributing today, is the first small step in a long-term plan to export the success of the youth-owned media empire, Live Magazine, from the streets of Brixton – where it all began – to the townships of South Africa.  Funded through a Fellowship from the Shuttleworth Foundation, I moved to Cape Town in May this year to develop and launch Live Magazine in a place where inequality is still striking, the education system limps along, and the opportunities for young people to create and thrive are still severely limited by poverty.

It must have been a hit since all of the copies have been snapped up. Check out the whole article here.

Flaviana Matata At Art For Life Gala And Watermill Summer Benefit

Photo: Mimi Ritzen Crawford

Tanzanian model Flaviana Matata was spotted at the Art for Life Gala and Watermill Summer Benefit on Saturday. Mary J. Blige, Kara Walker, Jennifer Hudson, Lala Anthony and more stopped by the Russell Simmons-hosted bash.

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Arlenis Sosa, Tinie Tempah, Spoek Mathambo In Arise #13

Photo: Sheila Okonkwo for Arise magazine

Details about the latest issue of Arise were unveiled Friday, and as usual, its got some top-notch talent from the diaspora and beyond. Arlenis Sosa, Jill Scott, Tinie Tempah, Spoek Mathambo and more are featured.

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