Dadaab Refugee Camp Photos By James Mollison X Vice

Photographer James Mollison, the same guy behind Where Children Sleep, traveled to Kenya to snap pictures of the residents of the infamously overcrowded Dadaab refugee camp. Vice will premiere the pics on September 14.


Are The Interwebs Screwing Up Street Style?

Is the Golden Age of Street Style on the wane? Photo: Emma Arnold for Refinery29

 Or, as The New York Times eloquently puts it in the its latest “Room for Debate” feature, “Has Globalization Ruined Street Style?” The answer is a resounding … maybe?

GQs Will Welch says:

…Street style has become so popular that “real people” are now dressing for the cameras, vying to get photographed. It has become a self-aware rather than accidental culture, like reality television. The more outrageously you dress, the more likely it is you get snapped and posted online. That’s created some unfortunate style trends and an environment where the blogs are as contrived as the runways.

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Jacobus Snyman – Photog With Big Dreams

Photo: Jacobus Snyman

South African photographer Jacobus Snyman used his pictures as a means of escape from small-town life. Speaking to ThreadNY, the photog talks about his plans to make his big-city mark:

 “They say dream big. And my dream is to shoot for Vogue before I’m 30.”

Check out the full interview here.

Helmut Newton, Polaroids Available Now

A collection of late game-changing photographer Helmut Newton’s test shots, Helmut Newton, Polaroids, is available today. Publisher Taschen says:

Polaroids occupy a special place in the hearts of many photo enthusiasts who remember a time when “instant photography” meant one-of-a-kind prints that developed within minutes of clicking the shutter. What was once a crucial tool for photographers to test their shots before shooting on film has now become obsolete in the face of digital photography. Luckily for us, legendary photographer Helmut Newton saved his test Polaroids, allowing a privileged and rare chance to see the tests from a selection of his greatest shoots over a period of decades, including many from the TASCHEN titles SUMO, A Gun for Hire, and Work.

For more info on the tome head to Taschen’s website.