iBeela – Prints For The Risk-Takers

Photo: iBeela

Nabila Idris’ iBeela.com shows the designer’s affinity for chaotic, heavily textured prints inspired by the continent.

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Thakoon Maasai Scarves Will Benefit East African Famine Victims

Photo: Thakoon

Like other designers, Thakoon is taking some sartorial cues from the Maasai people, only this line’s take on the impactful check is set to benefit the thousands of famine-stricken people in East Africa.

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Zara Responds To Brazilian Sweatshop Labor

Photo: BBC

Inditex, the company that owns High Street juggernaut Zara, has responded to the discovery of sweatshop-like conditions in Brazil. BBC says:

A raid in Sao Paulo found people working in cramped, unsanitary conditions, for long hours. Electrical wires dangled dangerously from the walls above piles of fabric, says the BBC’s Paulo Cabral, who accompanied officials on their raid. The people were being paid between 12 and 20 cents a piece – the equivalent of 7-12 US cents (4p-7p), Brazilian media reported.

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The Fader’s Mobolaji Dawodu Breaks Down Capsule Trade Show

The Fader’s style expert Mobolaji Dawodu shares some of his picks from the Capsule Trade Show, including some Ankara-like menswear prints from California-based brand Monitaly, when the event his New York. Check out more here


NearFar – Sassy Prints, Sustainable Perspective

Photo: NearFar

Africa Fashion Guide has a round up of NearFar’s Settler Collection. In their words:

[Designer] Stephanie Hogg took inspiration from colonial Africa and entitles this collection  ‘The Settler’ as it is influenced by a clash of cultures entwined together. Using her signature West African prints, Hogg has created a highly trend driven collection – from high‐waisted mini and maxi skirts, to simple shift dresses and immaculately tailored shorts. Her designs are both versatile and vibrant the perfect mix for the modern, chic woman.

AFG has more snaps and you can check out NearFar here

Threads of Change – Fashion-Forward Gadget Gear

Photo: Threads of Change

Los Angeles – based range Threads of Change crafts contemporary accessories using traditional wax print and has been spotted on the likes of Rachel Bilson. They can also create custom prints as well. Shadders says:

The cases are different as it is fashionable, fun for holding and carrying around bringing a bit of colour in your life. The case is reinforced with fusible fleece interfacing to provide protection and durability, so that your device is kept safe from scratches, bumps, and smudges.

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To Print or Not To Print – Shadders Asks Timeless Textile Question

Photo: Sika Designs

Shadders recently posted an editorial about whether African designers should create their own prints or just source from homeland sources. They point to the similarities between the textiles used by two different designers, Out of Afrika and Sika Designs. Here’s what Shadders said:

I know there are some classic African prints pattern fabrics that has been worn for many years and continues to be reproduced, Should designers print their own fabric to make their brand unique or stick to reproducing old patterns?

Sure, many designers could create their own singular prints but then would it be like how it was in the ’90s when “tribal” tattoos were the business and everyone started “designing” their own ancient Polynesian-inspired ink? It is a question of creativity or authenticity?

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