New York Times Hearts New African Fashion


Duro Oluwo's Spring 2012 line. Composite by New York Times

As Helen Jennings’ new tome “New African Fashion” hits shelves, the New York Times talked to designers and style experts such as Duro Oluwo and Mimi Plange about cues from the continent popping up throughout contemporary fashion. Plange broke it down like this:

“I want to prove to people that African fashion can’t be pigeonholed,” she said. “I can compete globally.”

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Michelle Obama Rocks Duro Olowu In South Africa

Photo: Associated Press

Mrs. Obama touched down in South Africa and sported a top from Duro Olowu’s graphic-heavy fall 2010 collection. Of course, tons of love for repping Olowu on the world stage but – just to get it out the way- should she have rocked a South African designer? It’s Team Whatever Mrs. O Feels Like Wearing over here but just wanted to bring it up. But it is the first day, she’s got time to keep dazzling.
Politico has the info.

Afropolitans, Spoek Mathambo at V&A Museum

Photo V&A Museum

Cool kids will converse about the “Afropolitans” movement at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum as part of their Friday, Late series on June 24, hosted by blogger MsAfropolitan. Fashion from Tiffany Amber, Jewel by Lisa, Duro Oluwo and more will be highlighted. South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo will also make his live LDN debut.

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