Samantha McEwen’s voodoo-inspired collection

Photo from Samantha McEwen
After traveling through the Caribbean and studying communities in western and southern Africa, designer Samantha McEwen’s debut line takes style cues from the myriad voodoo culture around the world. McEwen told VICE about the inspiration behind her line:
VICE: So you were influenced by West African voodoo as well as Cuban?
McEwen: I started by looking at Santería, and that led to Haitian and African voodoo. I’m desperate to take a trip to Haiti and see it for myself, because 70 percent of people living in Haiti and West Africa consider voodoo their main religion, so I wanted to look at voodoo as something important in modern life. Also, instead of the stereotypes propagated by horror films and the media, I wanted the collection to capture the brighter side of voodoo. I took a lot of inspiration from Phyllis Gallembo’s photographs of different tribes—especially her portraits of sacrificial outfits and high priests and priestesses of the voodoo community.

VOODOO_ SAMANTHA MCEWEN from emma noble on Vimeo.

Check out the video above and read the full Q&A here

Dadaab Refugee Camp Photos By James Mollison X Vice

Photographer James Mollison, the same guy behind Where Children Sleep, traveled to Kenya to snap pictures of the residents of the infamously overcrowded Dadaab refugee camp. Vice will premiere the pics on September 14.

Terry Richardson Shoots “Tons” Of Black Girls For Vice

VICE Tons of Fun Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Photographer Terry Richardson has teamed up with Vice for a shoot full of curvy women titled “Tons of Fun.”  The mag included the shoot for its Photo Issue, and apparently New York Magazine had some issues with shoot. Vice posted some kinda stank questions from NY mag:

NYmag: What went into the casting of the shoot?
Vice: We asked some of the models and agents at Full Figured Fashion Week if they’d be interested in getting shot by Terry. They were, of course, probably because he is one of THE BIGGEST PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE WORLD. We went through MSA Models and booking agent Ms. Theresa for most of the girls. The rest were unaffiliated models who were thrilled to participate.

Is there a reason why most of the models were non-white? Was there any sort of statement being made there?
What kind of statement are you making by asking this question, New York Magazine? We requested full-figured women and they provided us with a broad selection of potential models, from which we made our final picks for the shoot. It so happened that many of the women at Full Figured Fashion Week were “non-white.” What’s your problem with this? All of the women look absolutely beautiful in the shots. Why are you so hung up on their ethnicities?

Check out the full interview here. Spotted at SlamHype.